When you need to get serious about security, Razor Wire is the answer. It is relatively inexpensive, but viciously effective. Razor Wire around the perimeter is enough to deter any would be vandal, robber or saboteur. Razor Wire is made from a corrosion resistant galvanized steel cutting ribbon wrapped around a core of galvanized spring steel wire.

It's impossible to cut without highly specialized tools, and even then it's a slow, dangerous job. Razor Wire is a long lasting and very effective barrier technology, known and trusted by security professionals.

Laser Razor Manufacturing CC is a world leader in the manufacture of Razor Wire security products, supplying its products to the end user direct and through various trading houses.

The company is committed to sustainable development through the continuous growth of all its resources and finding solutions that are good for business, the environment, communities and its employees.

With our selection of products, we strive to be the preferred supplier for any Razor Wire requirements. Our mission, is to create cost effective security through ongoing research and development of current and new ideas within our industry.

Specializing in the manufacture of Razor Wire, we maintain our own machinery and tooling of which most we built ourselves. This extensive experience in the field Razor Wire enables us to produce huge volumes of finished product at the highest quality.
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